Los Cuates Middle School

 Math Syllabus

Mrs. A. Gonzalez



Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  I am really looking forward to working with you and your child.  Please be aware that I have high expectations for student achievement, behavior, and attendance.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  My conference period is 1:07-2:02 p.m.

Many students will need help with organization skills.  Please make sure their assignments are completed.  Please make sure they have the necessary materials for school each day, paper, pencils, pens, etc.  Ask to see their daily calendar for homework assignments.  ****I expect my students to be responsible for their learning and the choices they make.  Please call (254-5182) or email me ( if you have questions or concerns.



   1     Box of #2 PENCILS (must have one in class every day)  j0233363       

            Loose leaf paper                                                           1    (or 2) Highlighters

    1      1 1/2 ring Binder                                                          1   package Dividers

    1      large box of Kleenex tissue                                       1    hand-held pencil                                                                                                               sharpener (optional)

    1      Red Pen



Late Work


Late work will receive 10 points taken from the grade per day for 3 days then if a student still chooses not to turn in assignment then he/she will accept the consequence and earn a zero.   Parents can send a note explaining why their child does not have assignment, which will give the student another day to turn it in without penalty.  Students need to request their missing assignments, as well as, turn in any assignment they had done before the absence to the make-up assignment box.  Not doing/turning in assignments is not acceptable.  Not showing work is also unacceptable.  If a student does not practice his/her Math every day then he/she will not learn it.  The students will have an assignment every day except for a Test day.


Making up Tests/Assignments


If a student is absent he/she is expected to turn in assignment from before absence immediately on return to class.  He/She will have the same number of days to make up assignments as they were absent.  I do not give “pop” or “surprise” tests so all students know ahead of time when a test is scheduled and what is being tested.  Students are expected to prepare for their tests and make an effort. 




Students need to take clear/neat notes of lesson being taught.  This is how they will have help at home to solve problems.  If they do not understand a concept that I am teaching they need to raise their hand and ask me to explain it again.




Students are expected to be responsible for their behavior. If a student chooses to misbehave than he/she must take the consequence of that choice.  I do not appreciate off-task remarks when I am teaching.  Disrespectful attitudes/comments will result in a phone call to a parent. 



Grade Weights


Daily work (daily assignments and quizzes) is 40% of the grade, whereas Tests are 60% of the grade. 





If a student presents difficulty with any/all math concepts they will be recommended to attend tutoring.  Tutoring dates and times will be posted at a later date.


Remind 101


Parents are encouraged to sign up for Remind 101 notifications. Remind 101 will send electronic reminders about homework, important dates, tests, etc via text message. (see attachment for registration instructions)



Students are expected to…


  1. Take notes daily.
  2. Be responsible for following teacher instruction,
  3. For completing assignments on time and correctly. 
  4. Show logical work on all problems, I DO NOT ACCEPT… “I did it in my head or I left

my paper with the work on it at home.”  (***All of the Math teachers on campus expect students to show work. Not doing so results in a lower grade or zero.)

  1. Come to class prepared with materials (pencil, paper, assignment, and math binder and notebook)              daily.
  2. Use only pencil in Math.  (None of the Math teachers on campus allow pen in the Math class, all work is to be done in pencil.)
  3. Be responsible for asking for assistance during class, making up all quizzes, tests, and assignments after an absence by due date.
  4. Be RESPONSIBLE for his/her own BEHAVIOR.
  5. ­Return all letters/forms sent to their parents signed the very next day!!
  6.  Keep their binder organized every nine weeks.  They are not allowed to throw anything away unless otherwise stated.




Parents are expected to


  1. ASK their child for their PROGRESS REPORTSGiven every 3 weeks.                  
  2. Send their child to tutoring if student is failing and/or passing with a 72 or below.
  3. **Check that their child has done required assignment(s) and turned it in.
  4. Schedule a parent/teacher conference immediately if their child is failing Math at the 3 week progress report period or at report card time.
  5. Sign all letters/forms sent to them and return it with their child the

      next day.

  1. CONTACT teacher if they have any questions or concerns
  2. REGISTER with Remind 101 in order to receive any and all notifications from teacher.







Please Sign and Return to Teacher.




2016-2017 Math Syllabus


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