Reading 8th

Los Cuates Middle School

Course Syllabus: Reading 8

Instructor:  Mrs. G. Garza

Conference:  7th Period 3:00-4:00

Email address:


Dear Student,


            Welcome to another school year!  I hope you have enjoyed your summer because it’s time to get back to work.  This class requires diligent work and attention throughout the year.  The class concentrates on the areas of reading, writing, vocabulary and literature.  Much of the work done in class requires that you participate actively in completing projects, sharing ideas and demonstrating mastery of content using your creativity.  Many of the projects assigned require oral presentations, so you may expect numerous opportunities to dazzle your classmates and instructor.

Required Materials:

**        (2) highlighters   (new one each semester)

**        ball point pens (blue or black ink only)

**        (2) boxes of 10 count  #2 pencils

**        1 box of facial tissue

**        (1) composition books (wide ruled)

**        loose wide ruled notebook paper (PLENTY)

**        4 paper folders (any color) with prongs (one

            for each 9 weeks)

**        poster board (1/2 sheet size) when needed

**        a pack of 10 fine tipped markers (grading and

            note taking

**        1 pair of inexpensive ear buds or ear phones

**        USB/ Flash Drive (optional)

**        BYOD Bring Your Own Device (tablet, smart phone, etc. recommended)




            During the school year, other materials may be necessary when working on special projects.  Markers, colored pencils and poster boards are just some of the extra materials that may be requested from the student.  I will always give the student sufficient notice to attain the materials.


Grading Policy:

            Grading will be done on a 60% and 40% scale.

60% = Major Work, 9 weeks Reading Plus averages , Novel tests, Vocabulary projects, special projects, oral presentations.

40% = Daily Work, reading plus weekly reports, warm-ups, assigned homework, quizzes, class participation.


Accelerated Reader Testing:

            All students will be required to participate in the Accelerated Reader program.  Grading for each nine weeks will be as follows:       


**        Students will be required to read one accelerated reader book independently throughout the nine weeks and take an online test to accumulate points. 

**        each book must be at least a 3 point value.



Reading Plus is an online program designed to fit each student’s individual needs. 

Daily Grade: Students will be required to complete a minimum of 3 reading passages a week for a daily work grade.  An average of the passages completed will be given as the grade for the week. 

Major Work Grade will be taken from the average of all the passages for each nine weeks.  It is important to take each login seriously as it affects your average. 


**Students will have occasional access to computers in class.  However, if they do not complete the assignment during the time provided, they must find access to a computer in the library, during available school tutoring, or at home on a weekly basis.


Homework Policy:

Homework assignments are due when specified by teacher.  Late work will not be accepted. Makeup work will be assigned according to district policy.  Any work not turned in will be recorded as a zero toward the 9 weeks average. 


Makeup Work:

It is the student’s responsibility to ask for any makeup work due to an absence.  Makeup work requests can be made before school, during lunch or after school NOT DURING CLASS.  Sufficient time to make up the work will be given in accordance to the number of days a child was absent.  If the student is absent on a known test day, the student will be required to take the test on the day the student returns.














Discipline Plan



  In order to guarantee the excellent learning climate each student deserves, I am utilizing the following Discipline Plan.


My philosophy:  I believe all my students can behave appropriately in my classroom.  I will tolerate no student interfering with my teaching or any students from learning.


My class expectations are that each student should:

  • Come to class prepared to work and on time
  • Respect themselves and others
  • Participate in group activities such as discussions and projects
  • Try their very best!
  • Consequences:  may occur in any order according to the misconduct. 

  • Verbal/Non-verbal Warning
  • Teacher/Student conference
  • Phone call to parents
  • Staffing
  • Discipline referral
  • Lunch Detention/ISS/Suspension

Rewards: Praise, bonus points, positive phone call, and special privileges and responsibilities.

It is in your best interest that we work together in relationship to your education.  I will be in contact with parents regarding your progress in my classroom.  Every three weeks each student will take home a progress report with a grade on it.  That grade is an overall nine weeks average. If parents have questions or comments please feel free to call me.  Please tear off and sign the bottom of this page.


A copy of this syllabus can be found on the school’s web page under the teachers tab as Georgina Garza. 


**For important reminders from me please see the access for your class also on my class web page.  Text message charges may apply from your cell phone carrier.

To sign up for remind, text @mrsggarz to 81010